Friday, April 25, 2014

The Washington Shitrains???

I get the term shitrains for the late great Hunter S. Thompson.  He used it to describe the world crumbling around the ears of one Richard M. Nixon.  I use the term here to represent the frequent instances in which the oligarchy's wishes trump the will of the people.

Basically every time Washington acts in some way that runs contrary to the principles of the constitution and favors the 1%ers and their banks and corporations, Washington has shitrained on the American People.

I will mostly deal with issues on the federal level and let the locals deal with their own state problems.
Issues on a federal and global level will be critiqued here.

I will not be speculating about things I know nothing about like black ops, secret bases, etc.  I will be talking about the criminal oligarchy that seeks to control every aspect of our lives while they plot to exterminate billions with radiation, poisoned food and water, dangerous drugs, wars and disease.

They wage a slow motion war to eliminate those from whom they can no longer extract wealth, and a general culling of humanity back to a few hundred million completely controlled slaves.  They see the world as their property and those from whom they cannot steal they have no need of and wish them eliminated.  Often these people are referred to as the useless eaters.

What I intend to do here is point out the incremental attacks on the 99% by the 1%.  The constant chipping away and erosion of the Constitution and Bill of Right in the interest of corporatism and entrenched elites who think they own this world and rule it.